The statistics major of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology began in 1956. After 63 years of development, we now have four distinct programs of study for our graduate students: economic statistics, mathematical statistics, financial statistics and data mining. We also offer master's degree in statistics and master's degree in applied statistics. Statistics is the first-class discipline in the school. We also have a first-class central financial special enterprise data mining and statistical analysis experimental training platform, as well as the Zhejiang Provincial Statistical Science Research Center and other teaching and research platforms. The department is based on the construction of quality education and innovative talent training system, deepening teaching reform and achieving excellent results. In the past five years,we have achieved “five consecutive championships” in the competition of Statistics Survey Program Design of Zhejiang province.  We have obtained more than 20 research projects at the provincial level and above, and published more than 20 academic papers.


The department has a team of teachers with reasonable structure and tremendous strength. There are 16 full-time teachers in the department, including 5 professors, 5 associate professors, 13 doctoral teachers, 6 teachers have the study abroad experience, 10 master tutors, 8 part-time professors, 7 corporate tutors. . There are 1 talent in the new century of the Ministry of Education, 2 young and middle-aged academic leaders in Zhejiang Province, 3rd level talents in Zhejiang Province, and 2 rivers scholars in Zhejiang Province; 1 young school freshman award; 1 top ten teachers of school; 2 outstanding Communist Party members.

Talent Cultivation

The major of statistics focuses on training students to engage in the development, application, and management of statistical investigations, statistical information management, and quantitative analysis in enterprises, institutions, and economic and management departments, or to engage in research and teaching in scientific research and education departments.