The major of   economics in HDU was established in 2002. It has undergraduate Economics   program and Applied Economics graduate program concentrating on Industrial   Economics. Department of economics which is the earliest department to build   up undergraduate-advisor system provides school-wide public finance classes.   It is also one of the first departments to offer full-English classes for   international students.


There are 15   full-time teachers in department of economics, including 2 professors and 5   associate professors. 80% of the teachers graduated from top universities in   China with Ph.D. degrees in economics. In the past five years, the department   has owned a school-level quality course micro-economics and a   school-level freshmen discussion class the way of thinking of   economics. Economics professors have published three textbooks and   three monographs in the first-level press and won provincial teaching skills   competition Excellent Award one time. A considerable amount of projects have   been held by economics teachers, including one of the National Social Science   Fund, one of the National Natural Science Foundation, six of the Humanities   and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education, one of the Natural   Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, three of the Soft Science of the   Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, two of the Department   of Education of Zhejiang Province and four of the Department of Statistics of   Zhejiang Province. In the meantime, seven papers have been published in the   first-level journals with one achieving provincial-level scientific research   award. During the period of 2014-2018, the professional and voluntary   admission rate has reached 100%, and the employment rate has exceeded 95%.

Talent   Cultivation

The major of   Economics aims to cultivate professionals who have a solid theoretical   foundation in economics, are proficient in modern economic analysis methods   and tools, and are capable of engaging in economic analysis, forecasting,   planning, and economic management in government agencies, industry management   departments, enterprises and institutions, etc.