Professional’s Master Degree in Finance

We obtained a professional master's degree authorization in 2018. At present, there are three research directions: financial engineering and risk management, big data and financial technology, corporate finance and capital market. It focuses on the theory and practice of micro financial operation under the background of big data, relying on the first-class discipline of Applied Economics of Zhejiang province. Based on the needs of individual and institutional investment and risk aversion, it aims to cultivate high-level compound talents who have solid basis of financial theoretical knowledge and strong ability of practical operation, and excel in financial technologies such as financial big data analysis, risk (wealth) management and financial product design.

Professional’s Master Degree in Applied Statistics

In 2014, we obtained a master's degree in applied statistics. Now we have two disciplines: economic statistics and data mining. Relying on the first-level disciplines of statistics, the first-class disciplines of statistical schools, the special laboratories of the central government, and the statistical research bases of Zhejiang Province, the training mode of double tutor system and four-dimensional integration is implemented. Applied statistics students focus on the basic skills of statistical data collection, modeling, analysis and prediction. They can skillfully apply statistical software or computer language for massive data processing. Fields as diverse as state organs, enterprises and institutions, and research and teaching departments. Statisticians organize and interpret that data for the benefit of individual organizations and of the world.

 Professional’s Master Degree in International Business (MIB)

Obtaineda professional master's degree authorization in 2018. At present, there are four research directions: international business theory and policy, international investment and industrial upgrade, transnational corporation management, and cross-border E-Commerce management and innovation.Relying on the key university’s construction platform of Zhejiang province, such as cross-border e-commerce network practice platform, and cooperation with large private enterprises, China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce industrial park, andXiasha area - Zhejiang Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area, it focuses on cultivating high-level practical compound international business talents, who are familiar with international rules, good at intercultural communication, and master of solid professional knowledge and skills of international economics, trade, law, and international relations. After graduation, students are able to engage in business management, international business policy formulation and implementation, and intercultural communication in foreign-related enterprises and government agencies.