Master of Applied Economics

Began in 1956, as the industrial economy discipline of Hangzhou Aviation Industry Finance and Economics School.After the school was upgraded, graduate students were recruited in 1982; is one of the earliest professional economic personnel training units in Industrial Foreign Trade in Zhejiang province. In 2011, it obtained the master degree’s authorization of first-level disciplines in Applied Economics, and has been selected in the first-class discipline in Zhejiang province (Type B). At present, it has formed stable directions of discipline development such as information economy and industrial development, financial theory and risk management, international investment and transnational operations, as well as regional innovation and Zhejiang economy, etc.

 Master of Statistics

In Zhejiang Province, we were the first department to enroll the master's degree in statistics. From 1956, we began to enroll full-time students, the famous statistician Wang Sili began to train graduate students in 1982. We obtained the master's degree in statistical second-level disciplines in 2006 and we obtained a master's degree in statistical first-level disciplines in 2011. In 2016, statistics was selected the first-class discipline in the school. In 2010, the subject entered the top 35% of the national statistical disciplines in universities. Now we have researches in economic statistics, data mining and mathematical statistics.