Founded in August 1956, the School of Economics is one of the earliest professional economic personnel training units in Statistics and Industrial Foreign Trade in Zhejiang province. Among them, the Statistics major is one of the two majors established at the time of the establishment of Hangzhou Dianzi University. In 1980, it began to recruit undergraduate students. In 1982, it began to recruit graduate students.

Our school has two master's degree programs in Applied Economics and Statistics, and four professional master's degree programs in Finance, Applied Statistics, International Business, and Asset Evaluation. There are 5 undergraduate majors in Economics, Economic statistics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, and Statistics. Among them, the Applied Economics is the first-class discipline in Zhejiang province (Type B), the Finance is the key construction specialty of Zhejiang province, and the emerging specialty of Zhejiang Province; the International Economics and Trade is the key construction specialty of Zhejiang province. Courses such as International Finance and International Trade Practice are provincial-level excellent courses.The school of economics has four departments: Department of Economics, Department of Finance, Department of International Economics and Trade, and Department of Statistics. It has four research institutes: the Institute of Finance, the Institute of International Economics and Trade, the Institute of Applied Statistics, and the Institute of Regional and Industrial Economics. It has also built an experimental data platform for enterprise data mining and statistical analysis funded by the Ministry of Finance, an economics laboratory, a financial engineering laboratory, and an international business simulation negotiation laboratory.

Our school has more than 80 faculty members. Among them, there are 13 professors, 20 associate professors, 4 doctoral supervisors, more than 30 master tutors, 81.16% of full-time teachers with doctoral degree, 2 New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education, and a Distinguished Professor of Qianjiang Scholars in Zhejiang province, four Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders in Zhejiang province, one Zhejiang Province Distinguished Teaching Celebrity, and seven candidates of The 151 Talent Project of Zhejiang Province.

In recent years, the school has presided over the completion of over 100 national and provincial-level projects, including the Major Project of the National Social Science Foundation, the National Social Science Foundation (Key Project, General Project, Youth Project), the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office. More than 600 papers were published in academic journals such as Management World, the Journal of World Economy, Statistical Research, The Journal of Derivatives, and Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference. Among them, more than 50 articles have beenincluded in SSCI, SCI, EI, etc. More than 40 academic monographs have been published, and more than 30 textbooks have been chiefly edited by our teachers. They have won over 20 research awards of provincial and ministerial levelsuch as the Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, the National Bureau of Statistics Excellent Achievement Award. 

We have more than 1300 undergraduate and graduate students at present. The students at school have high comprehensive quality and good professional quality, with solid basic theory, strong application analysis and innovation ability. In recent years, our students have made great achievements in various competitions and associations at various levels, including 3 first prizes of the National College English Contest, 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes in National “Challenge Cup” competition, won the first place in the 2018 Huawei Software Elite Challenge National Finals, and five consecutive championships in the Zhejiang Statistical Survey Design Competition. Our students at school have published more than 70 papers in academic journals such as Statistical Research, and many students have presided over National Training Programs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for College Students, as well as Zhejiang Technology Innovation Activity Plan Program (Xinmiao Talent Program). The graduates of our school have been well received and praised by the society. The initial employment rate in the past three years is over 95%. A large number of alumni have become the backbone of the theoretical and practical circles at home and abroad.

The school of economics attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with foreign universities and often conducts mutual faculty study, academic exchanges, and cooperative research with them, such as Missouri State University,RWTH Aachen University of Germany, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Spain and Kristianstad University ofSweden.Every year, our school invites professors and experts from famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad to come to the school to carry out academic exchanges. We have invited Nobel Prize winner in economics, Reinhard Selten, to come to our school to give lectures.Our school also cooperates with a number of enterprises to establish an off-campus practice base, conducts industry-university-research cooperation, and provides teaching practice and research environment for students and teachers.