Rendao Ye


Rendao Ye, born in Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province in 1981. He received his PhD degree in probability theory and mathematical statistics from Beijing TechnologyUniversity in 2008. He was selected as the leader of middle-aged and young subjects of Zhejiang's colleges and universities, the third level of 151 talents in Zhejiang Province, Zhijiang Youth Social Science Scientist in Zhejiang Province, the young and middle-aged talent plan in schools, and the young talents in school teaching. Chaired 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 7 provincial and ministerial projects, published more than 30 papers in Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Chinese Journal of Mathematics and other domestic and foreign academic journals, including the first author SCI paper 15 , Published 3 monograph textbooks. As the person in charge or main member, he won 2 second prizes and 1 third prize in Zhejiang Province's scientific and technological achievements award, second prize in Hangzhou's outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences, third prize in Zhejiang Province's outstanding achievements in international economic and trade research, Beijing The Excellent Paper Award of the Youth Probability Statistics Conference in Tianjin and the Second Prize of Zhejiang Province Teaching Achievements.