Jinguo Xin


JinguoXIn, born in Huangyanof Zhejiang Province in 1962. He received his Master degree fromDongbei University of Finance and Economics in 1988, and gothis PHD degree in Management Science and Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2008. Concurrently serves as the director of Zhejiang Province's statistical scientific research base, executive deputy director of the new-type think tank of Zhejiang colleges and universities ---- Informatization Development Research Center. Mainly engaged in data analysis and research, the results achieved in data mining and analysis research have advanced domestic level. Published more than 100 academic papers in Research Management, Quantitative and Technical Economics Research and other journals, including nearly 10 first-level journals, many of which were reproduced in full by the National People's Congress. He has presided over (completed) key projects of the National Social Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation of China, major projects of the National Social Science Foundation, major projects of the National Statistical Science Plan, major projects of the philosophy and social science planning of Zhejiang Province, and natural sciences of Zhejiang Province. There are more than 10 scientific research projects such as funds. As the project leader, his research results have won nearly 10 awards such as the National Bureau of Statistics Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award, and the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Statistics Statistical Academic Project Achievement Award.