The Class of 2020 Graduate Student Graduation Ceremony was held by HDU


The class of 2020 graduate student graduation ceremony was held by HDU in the report hall on the 2nd floor of technology building, in Xiasha campus. HDU’s leaders like Zefei Zhu, Xiaofei Xue, Jiangrong Xu and Qing Wu, as well as directors of relevant administration departments, the representatives of graduate supervisors and students attended the ceremony. It was presided by vice President Jiangrong Xu. Wu Qing, vice President, presented the certificate of honor to the representative of the class of 2020 outstanding graduate students, and Xue Xiaofei, deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, presented the letter of appointment to the alumni Liaison Ambassador of the class of 2020 graduates.

At present, under the efforts of teachers and students, the School of Economics has achieved fruitful results: there are two first-level master programs; the graduate student enrollment scale is expanding year by year; the training quality of graduate student is constantly improved; the ability of scientific and technological innovation is continuously enhanced; and the effect of  local service is remarkable.This year, our school has 37 graduate students (including 2 international students) and 325 undergraduate students (including 51 international students).These 362 students have successfully completed their studies and are about to start their own great future.