The Intellectual Property Platform of HDUProvides Training on Intellectual Property Risk Prevention and Control for E-commerce Enterprises


   On the arrival of April 26 ‘World Intellectual Property Day’, invited by HDU IP platform, Yuhang district people's court trial committee, president of people's tribunals ofthe future of science and technology city, Wenjuan Cheng, presided over an online training on ‘enterprise e-commerce and guard against common intellectual property law problems’. The head of more than 70 e-commerce enterprises participated the training and some enterprises organized collective watch.

During the epidemic, live selling through e-commerce platforms has become a new channel for many cultural, creative, fashion and clothing enterprises to speed up their production and work resumption. However, due to the high legal risks of e-commerce intellectual property, a slight mistake may lead to a passive situation. Based on more than 10 years first instance working experience, judge Chengintroduced the relevante-commerceintellectual property laws and regulationsto the enterprise, combined with the casesof typical e-commerce intellectual property problems, and put forward enterprise management advice on preventing e-commerce IP infringement risk. Participants responded warmly, exchanged and interacted frequently, and have benefited a lot.

The training was co-sponsored by HDU, Hangzhou Linping New City Management Committee and Yuhang District E-commerce Association, and undertook by Linping New City Intellectual Property comprehensive service platform.Since HDU and The Management Committee of Linping New City jointly built the Linping New City Intellectual Property Comprehensive Service Platform, we have carried out a lot of effective work in improving the intellectual property ability of enterprises, which not only enhanced the influence of the school, but also won wide praise from the government and enterprises.

At the same time, in the morning of World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, the platform invited Lawyer Wang Zhan, who is the undertaker of the top ten copyright cases in Hangzhou, to hold a lecture on cloud Platform.The lecture was presided over by Haiwei Zheng, the principal of the platform. Teachers and students of our school and some enterprises participated in the training.Focusing on Lanyue Chuanqi undertaken by Wang Zhan, he introduced the main problems of copyright disputes and unfair competition in the network for teachers and students, and put forward some suggestions to strengthen copyright protection in the network environment.Teachers and students benefited a lot from frequent online communication and interaction.