The School of Economics Attaches Great Importance to International Exchanges and Cooperation to Promote the Continuous Improvement of Internationalization.


The School of Economics actively responds to the strategic deployment of HDU's internationalization development, attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and deepens the internationalization development of the school. In recent years, we insisted that the discipline was the foundation and teachers and students were the core to carry out the school’s internationalization work. We have promoted different kinds of overseas exchange programs, and focuses on training teachers and management team with global vision and international communication skills. In order to improve the internationalization level,our school also actively supported teachers and students to attend international conference, to visit and exchange abroad, to be trained and government-sponsored educated abroad etc.

The School of Economics has launched international exchange programs covering multiple levels of undergraduate and postgraduate, ranging from three months to two years.By participating in such programs, teachers and students can further broaden their global vision, which also promoted our international research and teaching cooperation. At present, the School of Economics has 65 full-time teachers, including 7 with overseas study background, 16 with 6 months of overseas study experience, and 5 high-level foreign experts. In terms of international student enrollment, we have 168 students majored in international economics and trade in 2019, and 16 studied for master's degree in applied Economics. In 2019, a total of 25 undergraduates and 3 postgraduates were sent to Harvard University in the United States, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and other world-renowned universities for study and exchange activities.